Our Security Professionals

At Unified Security, we understand the importance of our security workforce enjoying the rewards of success. Throughout the many challenges the security industry has produced, and the various legislative changes that have been applied, Unified has always been at the forefront of offering support, mentoring and guidance to those who excel in their contribution to the organisation. What this ensures is the development of solid relationships between our engaged officers and management, which forms the foundation of a unified team.

As a result, we have been able to consistently attract higher quality security officers who are looking at building their experience base within our organisation. And as a true testament to our philosophies, we have found our best engagement strategy to be word of mouth. This can also be said of our client acquisitions!

  • Allocation Strategy

    So what do we look for in our security officers? Our allocation strategy is based on a strict criterion which ensures all our client requirements are met. Some of the qualities we look for are:

    • Varied experience;
    • Superior communication skills (both verbal and written);
    • Initiative and autonomous thinking;
    • Legislative awareness;
    • Industry knowledge;

    As we give every opportunity to grow within the organisation, we also have a focus on people who are driven to succeed and who not only want the best for the company but the best for their own personal development.

  • Induction Process

    Each new security officer undergoes a Unified induction prior to being assigned to a site. This includes a briefing on company policies and procedures and an overview of client requirements. Once they have their assignment, they complete a site induction program and complete a detailed brief on client specific requirements. As part of the ongoing training programs on site, all officers complete training in all facets of Work Health and Safety both, generically and site specific.

  • Ongoing Support

    Finally, our security officers take comfort in knowing that support is on hand 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Via our 24hr access line, all personnel can be connected to a network of support facilities including patrol officers, Duty Managers, Business Managers and State or Regional Operations Managers. This ensures that operational security officers and clients alike have continual access to senior management on and off site at any time. At Unified we know that it is essential that all stakeholders have access to support services to facilitate their relevant positions and to ensure that due diligence is carried out.