Security Guards & Officers

As the backbone of our organisation, Unified Security realises that our Security Guards division needs to be at the forefront of service delivery, professionalism and innovation. It is more important than ever that our clients’ can feel safe in the knowledge that the men and women charged with providing protection to their staff and their assets are of the highest level. Unified Security prides itself on the quality of Security Officers that constitute our guarding services division. Our engagement process ensures that only the best are engaged with our organisation and deployed to yours. Our ongoing improvement programmes further guarantee that our security officers are kept up to date with the latest in security knowledge and are well versed in legislative and regulatory requirements.

  • Retail Security

    At Unified, we understand the importance of shopping centres and the impact role security plays in ensuring the safety of the millions of people that visit them each year. And with the growth of the population and the constant need to expand the retail environment, ensuring a safe shopping experience has never been more vital.

    Our professional security officers are not only trained in risk management and first aid procedures, but in customer service which can ultimately enhance the shoppers’ satisfaction whilst visiting the centre. Unified Security Group can provide a total solutions package including security officers, CCTV, alarms, access control and monitoring giving you complete peace of mind and the knowledge that your asset is in good hands.

  • Distribution Centre Security

    As the industry specialist in Distribution Centres, Unified has the experience and expertise to understand the varying requirements of differing facilities. To better gauge your security needs, we conduct a thorough risk assessment of your site to ascertain the most effective security solutions. These may include Gatehouse officers, integrated electronic security systems and monitoring the dispatch of loading dock goods.

  • Pharmaceutical Security

    As a major supplier of security solutions to the pharmaceutical sector, Unified has proven successful in meeting the challenges faced in this uniquely high risk industry. In particular, our experience in managing security concerns at the point of product distribution is second to none.

    Our security solutions can include the monitoring of production, packaging, allocation, storage, return and distribution. Our professional security officers are also highly trained in managing staff and contractor interaction with pharmaceutical goods.

  • Mining Security

    The Mining industry presents challenges that are unique and requires a level of integrated services personnel that is unparalleled amongst other industries. Unified possesses the experience and is currently active in the mining industry and is only too familiar with the level of commitment required by our clientele.

    Security solutions are no longer limited to the traditional norms that are incumbent in other industry sectors, and we are fully prepared to supply a service that is all encompassing to provide peace of mind in an industry that is evolving at an unprecedented rate.

  • Docklands Security

    With the issue of border protection high on the national agenda, the need for professional security providers to supply supplementary services to docks and ports has never been so necessary. With an increased level of monitoring and scrutiny by the relevant authorities, Unified has adapted to become more resourceful and innovative to successfully provide services at such a high level.

    Unified’s strength lies in its experience and managerial expertise which allows us to facilitate superior security solutions to ports, quays, docklands and marinas.

  • Guardhouse Security

    When it comes to traffic management within a site, be it staff and/or contractors, Unified knows how imperative it is to have effective gatehouse security in place. Our gatehouse security officers can adapt to any client specific Site Operating Procedures to ensure the flow of access on to site is controlled and entry & exit procedures are enforced.

    Our security officers are adept to meeting client requirements and site based operating procedures relating to maintaining records, reporting and the tracking of consigned goods.

  • Licensed Venue Security

    Unified is at the forefront of delivering a new image and improved service within the area of venue security. With a greater emphasis on vigilance, communication and presentation, our professional security officers have the ability to negotiate with members of the public across a wide variety of situations.

    By ensuring that our security officers carries out due diligence and maintaining a duty of care for your patrons, we gain an understanding of the environment in which we would be operating in and can implement the appropriate security solution that would be most effective for your venue.

  • Event & Sporting Security

    Sporting and special events can often place pressure on the event managers in regards to the regulatory and statutory requirements that govern the licensing of public gatherings.

    Unified has had experience in supplying services to an eclectic range of events. We can provide a myriad of services that include: entry and exit controls, traffic management, restricted area access control, equipment protection, and (if alcohol is available onsite) responsible service of alcohol monitoring and compliance.

  • High Rise Security

    Understanding the unique security requirements of the commercial and high rise environment gives Unified Security Group the distinct edge over our competition. From the Concierge to the Control Room, we know the importance of having a totally integrated security team to provide protection to your asset and the people within it.

    As the security Concierge is more often than not the first point of reference to your clients, staff and customers, Unified Security Group engages customer service specialists for this vital role. We also recognise the importance that customer service plays in all on site roles. From our Rovers to Dock Security, Car Park Security and Control Room officers, all our security officers are multi-skilled to not only be able to deliver exceptional customer service, but to take control of any situation that may arise.

  • Manufacturing Sector Security

    The Manufacturing sector requires a level of service that has the client’s overall goals in mind. Unified can provide security solutions that enable management to oversee the various stages of production that a given item goes through, and as value added components are introduced into the manufacturing process, Unified’s goal is to protect, minimise “leakage”, ensure WHE&S requirements are met, and ultimately ensure that a secure and safe workplace is maintained.

    Unified also understands that large workforces need management at the personnel level so that security level access can be enforced from the ground up.

  • Concierge Services

    Concierge, or Front of House Services, require exceptional, handpicked officers who display the finest of qualities including outstanding communication skills, immaculate presentation, attention to detail, incomparable customer service skills and discipline. In addition to this, they must be able to manage daily tasks dutifully, have confidence in engaging members of the public and have the ability to coordinate emergency situations as they arise.

    All concierge officers engaged by Unified Security Group will not only possess these characteristics, but will approach their tasks from a security-minded perspective, ensuring that clients and members of the public are reassured that their safety and well-being is always of paramount concern.