Patrols & Monitoring

With a large fleet of vehicles on the road 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, Unified is able to provide clients with an outstanding support service that is both invaluable and affordable. Whether facilitating in the

  • Monitoring premises at pre-defined intervals
  • Opening or closing of a client’s premises or commercial property
  • Responding to afterhours alarms
  • Providing assistance to manned personnel

Our patrol services can successfully complement any number of other security services provided. To further enhance our already superior patrol services, every vehicle is fitted with a Navman M-750 & M-800 GPS and transmitting device enabling real-time recording of patrol movements, on and off site times and response times.
This data is relayed back to our 24 hour National Operations Centre where information is received directly into our computer database. Our staff can liaise with clientele whilst also communicating with the patrol vehicles in order to guide them directly to an incident via the quickest route possible. Also the Navman M-750 & M-800 GPS unit can be a collection of customised “Points of Interest” that may represent a chain of stores across Sydney that can guide the Patrol unit directly to where it needs to be within a specified time.

As a value added service, clients are able to request regular reports of patrol and response services, giving them an accurate account of activity to their site. Just one more way Unified can ensure the highest level of security of your premises.