Electronic Security

Unified Security Group’s Electronic Division responds to global market needs in the development of unique product lines that are founded on integrated and dependable technologies. Our innovative developments provide end users with previously unattainable solutions, often with significant cost savings over traditional security and safety monitoring alternatives.

  • CCTV

    Electronic security is synonymous with CCTV. Whether it be new installations, upgrades to existing CCTV infrastructure, or a professional and competent consultation based on a potential installation, Unified Security Group provides a comprehensive service ensuring that you have one contact for the duration of your project. Unified Security Group’s experienced team of dedicated personnel have gained experience from working in a variety of environments, with specialised applications, ranging across various medium to large industry sectors.

  • Alarms

    Alarm System installs, upgrades, monitoring transfers and preventative maintenance are key aspects to ensuring that your assets are protected and monitored at all times. Our Electronics professionals are trained and adept across all ranges of manufacturers and can ensure that the necessary measures are in place to meet your requirements. Given the nature of our current existing clientele, we have specialised in not only the common-place systems, we have also broadened our scope in maintaining systems that monitor the proper operation of equipment, mobile duress alert systems and GPS based geofencing alert systems.

  • Access Control

    Access Control Systems have traditionally provided singular functionality in ingress to secured areas of premises. However, in recent times, Unified Security Group has built partnerships with specialised vendors and can now integrate various CCTV systems that can not only visually record access, but also show associated video footage that is correlated to an access event. With our vast experience gained from servicing our current clientele, we can tailor a variety of solutions, ranging from a dedicated system that is managed by your staff, to an externally managed system that is delivered to you as a service provision freeing up valuable man hours from your bottom line and providing a corporate class service to your interests.

  • Back to Base

    Back to Base Monitoring is an essential tool that qualifies Alarm systems, Fleet Tracking, mobile Asset tracking and People tracking platforms that allows for automated reporting mechanisms to be setup and put in place for assured service delivery. Unified Security Group has partnered with reputable market leaders in the industry to provide an eclectic range of services for any application.

  • Solar CCTV Trailers

    Our Solar Powered Mobile CCTV trailer is the result of 3 years of R&D and over one and half million dollars invested to bring it to the Australian market and to successfully promote internationally. One of our first projects involved the sourcing of a CCTV system on a mobile platform (i.e. trailer) capable of being deployed in remote locations, able to be operated without the requirements of mains power, capable of detecting intruders and that could transmit live video feeds anywhere around the world without the availability of a fixed telecommunications infrastructure.
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  • Mobile CCTV Devices

    As demands grow in the Security Industry for support and infrastructure, an organisation’s requirements and demands are commonly aligned to the budgetary allocations made for safety and surveillance service delivery. Mobile CCTV solutions allow for this constraint by being able to be deployed in a temporary location where fixed infrastructure to support a permanent installation is absent. Unified Security Group has taken its knowledge derived from other product developments and applied them to devices that have a conservative footprint fit for almost any application. The key ability to assess, develop, build, test and deploy is what makes our Electronics division unique and second to none.
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  • Council Watch

    The Council Watch project was born out of our ability take what we know about solar power and CCTV technology and combines them into robust, vandal resistant unit that can be deployed on a pole in an ordinary street. It then has the ability to stream video at high resolution across a wireless network (whether it be 4G / 3G or otherwise) which allows for instant eyes on the ground in what is a short turnaround time. Combine that with the ability to offer this as a service where the end user / control room can watch this stream around the clock 365 days a year, and you have a product that is currently unparalleled in the industry.

    When we realised the potential for this technology, the name that was given to this project embodied its role, as far as we could see, to what its immediate potential could be within the Australian marketplace. Local Council’s nationally are now able to access a technology that allows them to rollout CCTV coverage across their jurisdictions without prejudice, finally being able to access what their international counterparts have been reaping the benefits from for years.
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