Cash In Transit

If you are in the retail industry and you are looking for a cash in transit company to move your money discreetly, promptly and securely, then Unified can provide the service you are seeking.With loss prevention protocols in place, we can ensure a worry-free transfer of funds, allowing uninterrupted business continuity. As a professional Cash in transit provider, Unified Security Group adheres to the WorkCover NSW Cash in Transit Code Of Practice. All our cash in transit personnel are trained in the Code and are aware of their duties and responsibilities.

Depending on the service required, Unified can provide either armed or non-armed security staff, all in plain clothes and unmarked vehicles. And our service is not limited to just cash in transit.

As a result of existing clients and experience, we are proud to offer additional services including movement of:

• Valuables

• Confidential Documentation

• Pharmaceuticals

Unified understands that secured transport of sensitive materials is an important service that requires discretion and audacity. We can tailor a solution for your needs on a “job to job” basis. Our transport services can be operated by up to 3 Security Guards in one vehicle and can also be followed by support vehicles to ensure and maintain situational awareness and coverage.