• Over recent months Australia has experienced some of its hottest days on record in the case of Sydney culminating in New Record Temperatures on Friday the 18/1/2013 of 45.8 Degrees Celsius (CBD Recorded) and close to 47 Degrees in parts of western Sydney. For many of our clients operating equipment the heat and conditions where too much with countless devices failing as temperatures rose to record levels.

    Whilst many devices where failing around the country due to the extreme conditions, UniFi’s range of UniWatch’s & Solar CCTV Trailers, withstood the harshest conditions on record and continued to provide unparalleled performance.

    With in-box & trailer temperatures exceeding 80 Degrees in some cases the industry’s leading mobile detection devices where tested like never before and subsequently excelled with not one recorded drop out across the country during this period attributable to heat or adverse conditions.

    The combination of extreme general heat, extreme radiant heat, hot wind, and high dust levels where no match for the Unifi devices stringent engineering and purpose built manufacturing. Conditions like these once again reaffirm why it’s critical that devices such as ours are manufactured here in Australia, by qualified security professionals and are backed by an organisation that has not only national experience but also national infrastructure to protect against the unforeseen.Had our clients deployed one of the many inferior products starting to enter the market that are not manufactured here in Australia for our harsh conditions or even worse manufactured locally by inexperienced proprietors to grossly inferior standards then the above chain of events would have been very different and our clients valuable assets would have been left unsecured and reliant on luck and good fortune to avoid immeasurable losses and inconvenience.

    We strongly encourage any client considering the use of these types of products to do their homework, and not believe the misleading marketing material so commonly distributed by some. It is critically important to not only assess the product itself but also the facility they are made in, the company that makes them including their support infrastructure (control room, customer service facilities, on-road vehicles including patrolman & technicians), financial and operational resources and industry specific expertise. After thoroughly assessing the company behind the product the time will come where you will need to make your own assessment of the product itself, when the time comes we would welcome any opportunity to conduct a side by side (apples for apples) comparison at your convenience with any directly comparable product on the market today.

    Once again the UniFi range of mobile detection devices have reaffirmed why they are the nation’s leading CCTV and detection devices, if we can be of any assistance to you regarding your security needs please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or alternatively on 1300 658 657.

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