• Unified Security Group are proud to announce our Corporate Health Program initiative, please find following a basic overview of our program:

    The Unified Security Group – Corporate Health Program endeavours to promote Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives in our workplaces by, providing our workforce with readily accessible information on healthy lifestyle options, raising awareness on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, providing incentives to our workforce to pursue healthy lifestyle changes and providing access to discounted healthy lifestyle products and services.

    The Unified Security Group – Corporate Health Program includes:

    • Social Media Blasts (Facebook, Linkedin);
    • Discounted Gym Memberships (Conditions Apply);
    • Competitions;
    • Healthy Workplace Initiatives;
    • Sporting Sponsorships;
    • Online healthy lifestyle information on such topics as:
      1. Summer Health
      2. Healthy Eating
      3. Responsible Drinking
      4. Winter Health
      5. Quitting Smoking
      6. Exercise
      7. Sleep & Fatigue Management
      8. Working Outdoors
      9. Natural Therapies
      10. Ergonomics
      11. Workplace Health
      12. And many other pertinent topics

    If you require any further information on the program, please do not hesitate to contact Mr David Moore on 1300 658 657 or alternatively at [email protected]

    Kind Regards,
    Damien Johnson
    Unified Security Group

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