• Unified Security Group is proud to announce that the 2014 UniFi – SolarWatch® Units are now available for sale and/or rental.

    The SolarWatch solar powered, wireless CCTV, detection and alarm transmission unit has been designed to provide clients with an easily deployable, relocatable, cost effective surveillance solution. The easily installed boxes are the ideal solution for monitoring public safety concerns, anti-social behaviour, traffic issues, construction projects, illegal dumping and many other important issues in locations that were previously thought not possible due to unavailable power or lack of telecommunications infrastructure.

    Using only the highest standards in product selection and engineered integration, SolarWatch® is a stand-alone CCTV unit that is 100% autonomously powered through dependable solar technologies with live and recorded video streaming over the 3G/NextG telecommunications networks.

    SolarWatch® is Australian made and robustly designed to run 24hrs a day, 365 days a year with reliability in even the harshest outdoor environmental conditions.

    The unit is easily deployable for use as either a temporary or permanent installation on telegraph poles, lighting poles or temporary poles in streets, car parks, alley ways, sporting fields, parklands and countless other deployment scenarios.

    Whilst SolarWatch® records locally at high frame rates in HD (up to 5mp sensors) to an internal 64GB SD card, the system has been designed to stream secure and live video transmissions to control rooms at reduced image qualities to save on bandwidth and the typically associated high remote data costs. When compared to the evidentiary costs in traditional fixed cabling, trenching and installations the SolarWatch® can save clients thousands.

    If you are interested in the SolarWatch Units please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 658 657 or alternatively at [email protected]

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